Occupational Drivers License

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Occupational Driver’s License

Need Your Occupational Driver’s License? Kent Starr Attorney in Plano, TX Helps You Get it Fast!

Unfortunately, the reason you’ve come across this page is because something bad has happened with your driving record, and now you’re trying to figure out how to get an occupational driver’s license. Maybe you recently had your license suspended after a driving under the influence conviction. Perhaps the same happened with drugs. Or, maybe you haven’t paid what the State of Texas calls “surcharges” – those annoying fines it assesses for having an excessive number of traffic violations, or when you get convicted of a specific offense, like a DUI. It could be that you wisely decided not to submit to a field sobriety or chemical test. And, maybe you caused an accident, couldn’t pay the damages assessed against you, and didn’t have liability insurance to make the payments for you. These are just a few of the situations that could result in the loss of your driver’s license, and the damage gets worse if you’ve already lost it one or more times in the past. Kent Starr, Attorney in Plano, TX, Helps You Get Your Occupational License Earlier in his life, Kent engaged in Golden Gloves Boxing and got a first degree black belt because of his aggressive nature – and he uses that same aggressive instinct to your advantage in the courtroom. You have to be careful who you choose as an attorney. Lawyers with less experience or a less aggressive attitude may not pursue the just legal outcome you deserve. That could expose you to longer jail sentences, having your license revoked for extended periods of time, and higher fines. With a fearless attitude, Kent advocates for your rights, and helps you get the fair legal outcome you deserve. He’ll help you avoid arrest, and to stay within the conditions of your bond. If you don’t hire an attorney to help you and you choose to drive without your license, you will:

  • Get arrested
  • Have your vehicle towed
  • Post bond to get out of jail
  • Have to hire an attorney to resolve the resulting Class B Misdemeanor charge
  • Pay newly assessed fines
  • Get placed on probation
  • To minimize these consequences and learn how to get your occupational license, even if your driver’s license has been suspended for years, call 469.500.0000 to get in touch with Starr Law, P.C.
  • The consultation is completely FREE, and you’ll learn exactly how Kent can help you. How do You Get Your Occupational License?
  • It’s tempting to think you can take care of the process yourself, but do remember you have a number of hoops to jump through to get your occupational license:
  • Getting a certified copy of the petition to get your license
  • Obtaining a copy of the courter order which grants you your license (this acts as your driver’s license until you receive the actual occupational license itself)
  • Getting form SR-22, a certificate of financial responsibility

And, you may need to pay any number of fees for reinstatement, as well as the fees for reinstatement. Your license will most likely be granted for a term of up to a year, but you can get it for a period of up to 2 years. You May Not Be Able to get Your Occupational License Immediately. If this is the first time you have had your license administratively revoked by the State of Texas, the process goes smoother for you, and you can get your occupational license back relatively quickly. However, if any of the following conditions apply, you may have to wait before you actually get the license:

  • A previous offense involving drugs or alcohol resulted in the suspension of your license. A 90-day waiting period is applied in this situation.
  • Your driver’s license is currently suspended because of a DUI/DWI violation. The State of Texas applies a 180-day waiting period in this situation.
  • Your license has been administratively revoked twice already in the past. That results in a one-year waiting period.

How are you going to take care of everything else in life in the meantime? Can you rely on a spouse or friend to transport you to and from work? Are you going to just drive anyway and risk higher fines and more legal consequences? For Those Under 21… The rules work slightly differently for individuals under 21 who have failed an intoxication test:

  • If you’ve never had an alcohol-related conviction, you must wait 30 days after the administrative license has taken effect.
  • If you’ve had one prior conviction related to alcohol, you must wait until 90 days after the administrative license goes into effect.
  • You may not get an occupational license if you have had your driver’s license suspended two times or more.

Get Your FREE Consultation Today, and Learn How Kent Starr Helps You Get Your Occupational License

Plano criminal defense Attorney Kent Starr has extensive experience advocating for the rights of those who need occupational driver’s licenses. Even if your driver’s license has been suspended by the State of Texas for years, Kent can help you get yours back – instantly. He will file a civil lawsuit with the county or justice of the peace court, and you will have your driving privileges back to help you get your life on track once again. Simply call 469.500.000, and you’ll learn exactly what the process costs and how Kent will help you get your occupational license. It’s yours FREE – and there’s no obligation.